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Ride Reviews

Outside of the club rides, members often participate in other organized cycling events. The goal of this page is to gather our collective wisdom and help other members seeking interesting riding opportunities. Members: If you've ridden an organized ride, whether it be one-day invitational ride or a longer ride, please send your comments or notes on the ride to the webmaster at for inclusion in this list. We don't need a full essay, just a few sentences describing the ride and your recommendation - from one to five stars. Include a link to the ride and the year you rode in your comments and the distance from Arlington Heights.

Organized Rides within a 90 minute drive of Arlington Heights

Organized Rides within a days drive of Arlington Heights

Bike Van Buren (Iowa) Bike Van Buren in August. review: Gary Gilbert: 2017: Small town Iowa with lots of sag stops. Some hills but a fairly easy terrain with friendly people. Small ride with 100 riders or less. Close to the Missouri/Iowa border, 300 miles from Arlington Heights. Two days, 60 miles or less each day. 4-stars

Crane Cruise (Indiana) Crane Cruise in October. review: Gary Gilbert: 2016: Small town Indiana. Very flat ride in the corn fields. Depending on the weather an year, the fields may be full of Sandhill Cranes migrating from Wisconsin to Florida. Near the Jasper-Pulaski state park where the cranes spend the night and worth an evening or early morning visit when the cranes are there. Small ride with 50 riders or less. 120 mile drive from Arlington Heights. One day, 50 miles or less. 4-stars if you see Cranes, 3 stars otherwise.

Organized Rides further than a days drive of Arlington Heights

Cycle Zydeco (Louisiana) Cycle Zydeco in April. review: Gary Gilbert: 2016: Cajun Louisiana near Lafayette, LA. 1000 miles from Arlington Heights. Food, Music, Cycling, and Dancing. How many days in a row can you have crawfish? Party ride with several hundred riders. Five days, 60 miles or less each day. One hill (an overpass over I-10). Chip-seal roads. 5-stars if you like the food or music.

Gary Gilbert 3/1/2018