Arlington Heights Bicycle Club

2018 Out of Town Rides

Members are planning out of town rides for 2018. If you are interested, contact the member for futher information. Each of these rides were announced in email messages sent to the AHBCCyclists Yahoo Group

February 2018 - Texas Hill Country Cycling Trip, contact Gary Gilbert for details.

April 2018 - Cycle Zydeco , contact Paula Matzek or Carol Ranachowski for details.

June 2018 - Route 66 Missouri and Oklahoma Missouri and / or Oklahoma ,contact Mitch Polonsky for details.

Late Summer / Early Fall 2018 - Italy or Crotia cycling, contact Vince Kelly for details.

October 2018 - Classic Vermont , contact Karin Hribar, Debbie Watson, or Paula Matzek for details.