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AHBC Ride Paces

Pace Explanation
Leisure Leisure Rides will be at an approximate pace of 10-12 mph with a distance of 10-30 miles. Contact Jim Shoemaker at Imjims@wowway.com.
Intermediate Intermediate Rides will roll at a pace of 12-14 mph and have a distance of 30-50 miles. Contact Mitch Polonsky at oranges50@aol.com.
Advanced Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Rides will have a pace of 13-16 mph and a distance of 40-100 miles. Contact Tom Drabant at tdrabant@comcast.net or Mitch Polonsky at Oranges50@aol.com.
Advanced Advanced Rides will have a pace of 16-18 mph and a distance of 35-100 miles. Contact Mitch Polonsky at Oranges50@aol.com.
Fast Advanced Training rides are different than normal club rides. They tend to be varying speeds but can be 20+ MPH at times. Distances also vary but these rides tend to be 20-40 miles with occasional rest stops (no meal). They are ideal for someone interested in getting faster or training for a bike race. Because these rides vary so much, always read the ride description or contact the ride leader for more information about the specific ride.